Commercial Hedging / Grain Marketing

AGT Futures consults with commercial hedgers from many different industries across the United States and abroad. Through our execution strategies, risk management tools, access to research, and relationships with key players in the industry, we’re able to provide a unique service to assist commercial hedgers with their decision making.


AGT Futures has established FCM partnerships with multiple clearing firms, including Wedbush Futures and Gain Capital Futures. The use of multiple clearing firms allows our clients to diversify their assets, risks, and hedge strategies as needed, while still using AGT Futures as their main point of contact for trading and execution needs. We provide a commercial hedging and grain marketing focus in the agricultural markets, which include grains, softs, and livestock. We also provide a commerical hedging focus in the precious metals, energies, currencies, interest rates, equity markets, and advanced option strategies.


Each client we work with is unique, as is the service we provide. We work together with our clients, as a team, because we understand that each client plays an important role in the overall success of their business and ours. Please contact us to learn more and to discuss a custom solution for your business needs.

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